Struggle for the Stones


In a place far from out own, people had lived in peace with each other. A great collection of races and species came together, sharing ideas, trade, and a vast amount of culture to the land, the world that we know as Paramore. But before this great utopia, the world was thrown into chaos from a great evil force known as the Big Five. The great generals lead by the human known as Cyrus Earthenbane submerged the world into war. Their power was unspeakable, not only shown through their vast army’s but also though a corrupted force known as the Stone of Power .

Fearing the power of the stones, the gods knew that Cyrus would soon try to wipe out their followers and eventually themselves, so they joined the fight with humanity. Cyrus’s forces soon came to the great mountain Haven’s Gate. In a last stand against the gods, Cyrus was defeated by St. Cuthbert. St. Cuthbert landed the final blow, sending him down to the land below, sealing him in the crater that was created. With a final effort, the gods had stripped the power of the Big Five, and cursed them with immortality so that they may live the rest of their days in suffering just as they had brought to the world. Handing down the stones to the greatest of warriors that had served their heavenly beings, they were sealed away never to be seen again.

500 years later , some commotion has sprouted up during this new golden age. Movement in the world has started to draw from a more chaotic force—is there a new evil coming? Only the adventures of today will tell.

Band of Heroes: Struggle for the Stones

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