• Anwon


    Amazing Kender Ninja
  • Auron


    You are drawn to the smiling young man with black hair and darker eyes. If you look deep into his eyes, you think you can see dots of the deepest red where his pupils should be.
  • Iliaku Skinburner Lithuanu

    Iliaku Skinburner Lithuanu

    Goliath Duskblade, Master of Spelltheft, Lone Chieftain of the Kaleniakunani
  • Reginald Clockwork

    Reginald Clockwork

    A Warforged, set to become one of the most infamous mercenaries around
  • Savros the Pale

    Savros the Pale

    Powerful necromancer with numerous undead minions. Wields the Shock Stone of Power
  • Zog


    This Orc Warmage has a friendly demeanor despite the battleaxe strapped to his back and the tusks that protrude from his lower jaw.
  • Alabaster Kinsly

    Alabaster Kinsly

    The ever growing mystery man met at the "cave found in the east."
  • Alexander


    Young monk from The Temple of Sun and Moon
  • Captian Marks

    Captian Marks

    Captian of the Royal Guard, acts as a Liason of the other locations in all of Paramore
  • Cyrus Earthenbane

    Cyrus Earthenbane

    500 years ago he used the Stones Of Power as a tool in his war against the world
  • Drunken master Su

    Drunken master Su

    A wise and lonely man met in the bar in the town of Littleton
  • Mr. Green

    Mr. Green

    Shop owner in Stump Wood who the party had helped to capture his pigs
  • Thomas Knox

    Thomas Knox

    Ex-member of the Big Five. Has hired you all as part of his Troupe in order to maintain peace in the world.
  • Tim and Jim Padfoot

    Tim and Jim Padfoot

    Two twin Rouges - met them in Stump Wood. They introduced the group to Thomas