Reginald Clockwork

A Warforged, set to become one of the most infamous mercenaries around


Height-6’2’‘ Weight- 250 pounds Is a traditional Warforged, tall and powefully built. Unlike most, he decides to wear clothes, Walking around wearing a Highwaymans jacket, with a bag of holding sewed into the jacket as a pocket, a kitten inside, named Schrodinger.


Built during the war, the Warforged that would become Reginald served as a front line officer for his career. Once the war ended, He waited obediently for his superiors for months, waiting for orders. He finally realized that nothing was going to happen, so he began to wander. Eventually, He began to hire himself as a Mercenary. A rather damaging blow to his skull had to be repaired by reprogramming him, giving him essentially a new life. Taking the name Reginald, He hired himself out again, remembering a few tidbits. He doesn’t really care who he was, rather enjoying his new life. He also discovered he has a affinity for music, playing rather vicious songs at any pub he enters, usually for cash.

Reginald Clockwork

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