Young monk from The Temple of Sun and Moon


A young monk of the age of 15, he stands 5’ and has light brown hair.


Alexander is one of the few survivors of the Temple of Sun and Moon, a monastery to the east of Stump wood.

Due to a Invasion from a hive of Demon Swarm, his brothers and master were quickly dispatched. Over hearing one of the Hives associates about some documents and information that is held at the temple.

Entering town he quickly made his way to the library and took as many documents as he could find about his temple, even escaping narrowly from the Royal guard.

Bumping into the pen (and setting the animals free) of one of the local shops he stumbled out of the city to be later caught by the party.

He then pleads for help to save his monastery from the swarm that had taken his only family and master.

He is now traveling to find any of his other brothers that may have survived.


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