Tim and Jim Padfoot

Two twin Rouges - met them in Stump Wood. They introduced the group to Thomas


Two Halfling Rouges

coming up to about 3’ each, dark hair, ages 19 (Jim) and 20 (Tim)


The two inseparable brothers Tim and Jim grew up in a town known as Earthen-Tide. Abandoned by their parents at a young age, the Brothers set out to survive in the ever changing world.

They are both very clever and always are up for a challenge, sometimes putting each other in challenging situations to get a point. Growing up in Earthen-Tide they relied on each other to get though all the good times and the bad, learning their skills off the streets. soon they wanted to travel the world and try to fallow their destines.

During their journeys they had come into a bit of trouble, luckily saved by a Camp group that was passing by. To repay the debt they had for saving their lives Tim and Jim decided to work for Thomas, the leader of the Camp.

Coming to [[Stump Wood]] Thomas had wanted the two to keep an eye on things in town while some business was taken care of in another town.

Upon hearing of the commotion in the Library and the two had looked for the help of Captian Marks

they soon met the group and requested their help

Tim and Jim Padfoot

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