Thomas Knox

Ex-member of the Big Five. Has hired you all as part of his Troupe in order to maintain peace in the world.


A pale man, standing at 5’10” with dark hair and a small, well-kept beard. There is an eerie feel about him that still has not been figured out.

No available Stats.


Joining the war with Earthenbane and the other four generals, Thomas strove to attain power and looked to use it to protect his people, hired because of his swordsmanship and battle expertise, soon found himself to be trusted highly as the “right hand man” for Cyrus.

As the war carried on, he soon found that he had betrayed everyone he had known and loved in his lust for power. He needed to make things right. Thomas knew that he could not stop them all on his own but took matters into his own hands none the less. Setting up at the right time, Thomas had to betray his master, sacrificing himself to weaken the great Cyrus at his most important moment against the gods.

He soon found himself brought back into the world, reborn from the gods. For the terrible things he had done he was stripped of his power just as the other generals, but was given the power of life as redemption for his decisions.

He has spent the last 500 years in hiding, scorn by his own people and the world he had brought pain to. He has been striving to create a coalition for which to uphold peace in the world.

Thomas Knox

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