Stone of Power


Stones of Power
The Stones of power are Large Orange sized stones weighing about 5 lbs. and are seemingly unbreakable. Forged in a dark ritual that Funnels and condenses the essence of Elemental Planes into it, the stones are of varying types based on the planes that are associated with them. The stones of power found thus far have been:

  • Fire
  • Shock (wind)
  • Water
  • Earth


Powers the stones hold

so far the players have found out some of the basic qualities of the stones on their own but their is still more to learn. of these powers drawn from the stone:

  • ability to speak with beings from respective planes of existence
    *to be able to channel small bursts of energy of that type into attack (both magic and mele/ranged gain +1d6 energy damage)
  • gives the user indomitable hate toward the people who wield them from beings of the same Plane

The Stones of power were created many years ago. Used in The war by Cyrus Earthenbane and The Big Five to wreak destruction on the land.

Legend tells that the stones were created by a greater evil from the living essence of particular elemental planes.

More information needs to be found about the stones.

Stone of Power

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