Chapter 1

Meeting in the city of Stump Wood the party all met as aspiring heroes looking to help the Grocer Mr. Green. In the hustle and bustle of the city a younger cloaked person being chased by the guard, bumped into the corner of the pen that held all his pigs setting them all free.

After the party managed to wrangle up all the pigs, and its mother, the newly acquainted party went to check in with the local guard. From the information they gathered the were told to look into the recent theft in the library. There they learned that someone had stolen some of the precious artifacts that had been brought in for study. At the library they met Tim and Jim Padfoot and Captian Marks The books that were stolen have not been looked at and were taken suddenly by the cloaked person. making good use of Travian and his ranger skills they were able to track down the person responsible for the theft.

In the woods heading to the east they tracked down and captured a small monk child named Alexander. After interrogating him the party found out about the Temple of Sun and Moon and its current infection of a Demonette spawn. They had sacked his temple and killed his master, and brothers and was the sole survivor of the temple.

Arriving to the temple they became separated from Tim and Jim and divided due to a trap set up in the main entrance to the temple. Everyone had to find a way to the end of the temple and find the rest of the party.

Making there way to the back of the temple, the overhead the argument involving a large Orc and the Demonette Queen. Hearing the adventures The Orc tells the Queen that his master will be displeased, and will no longer support them.

Making their dramatic entrance consisting of just kick it down, the party engaged the Swarm Queen.

Defeating the queen they explored one of the rooms that had collapsed open due to the massive queen being defeated, their they found a secret from that had been sealed away. In the room they found a small collection of documents spelling out the Great Stone of Power along with these papers that had a ancient map that had a specific tower not seen on current maps that they all owned.

Embarking out to the Tower, they needed to know what the Large Orc meant by his threats to the Swarm queen. Getting to the tower was the simple part and but they all soon found out the trials and tribulations to get to the top of the tower.

Among the many things they encountered in the tower, including sideways floor plans, goblin dust, and so on, they finally made it to the top, there they found that the Orc boss Gnar had already made it to the stone. When the party had defeated Gnar they soon were assaulted by the true power of the stone, which had taken hold of Gnar and became a giant elemental.

The party soon after left the tower and made their way back to the city. not much was known about the stone that they had found, and not very many knew about its terrible power. After meeting Tim and Jim Padfoot back in Stump Wood the were brought to the encampment in order to meet the head of their group.

Being introduced to the young slender bearded man named Thomas Knox wasn’t as simple as the group had intended. Barging into his tent and demanding to know “what in the world was happening” Elenor found a quick and instant death. Thomas was a man of power and it it was found he had a great dislike for rogues. After some quick diplomacy from Zog Elenor was able to be saved.

Apologizing for his quick and unneeded action, Thomas felt it necessary to tell the party his story, revealing himself to be an Ex-member of the Big Five. He reveals further that he want to use all his power and followers to try and restore balance and prevent evil from getting a hold of the stones again. After some talk the party is sent to the great volcano in the center of Bastile. Something is stirring the once dormant volcano, and ancient factory that once helped to fuel the war.

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Chapter 1

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