chapter 1a

upon reaching the volcano, they party was met with many challenges. The once dormant volcano had been brought back to life and the furnaces that lay inside had been activated once more.

making their way down they encountered a wide variety of monsters. At the bottom of the great volcano they were greeted by the Big Five member Corban. He had found the Fire Stone of Power.

slaying Corban was a dangerous task due to his adeptness with the stone of power leaving many of the party members in critical condition. when the final blow was stuck Corban went down releasing the stone.

soon as the party thought they had some time to catch their breath the volcano had become to unstable to stay in; forcing the party to make a daring escape.

zog being able to save the party by using dimension door to make it out of the now exploding volcano.

making there way to the closest city to stock up and rest up they were greeted by Tim and Jim Padfoot who told the party of some help. looking for more leads to the stones and The Big Five.

making their way to the west they happend upon a small cave. outside of the cave had a very peculiar looking creature outside sharpening its weapons. the party looking to be more diplomatic triedto talk to the creature. The peculiar looking thing was a shape shifter and told the party they must leave. Inside the cave slept a green dragon, and did not like to be disturbed

chapter 1a

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