Iliaku Skinburner Lithuanu

Goliath Duskblade, Master of Spelltheft, Lone Chieftain of the Kaleniakunani


Iliaku was born into an ordinary Goliath tribe and had a mostly ordinary life up until his adolescence. He was left behind during a migration when he broke his leg and couldn’t make a climb that the rest of the tribe needed to make to get to an area of plentiful game. This is not a completly uncommon event among Goliaths, although it is always tragic. Iliaku could have returned to the tribe after he had recovered from his injury, but in anger, he turned away, descending from the mountains and making his way among civilization.

During his travels he learned the esoteric art of the Duskblade from a powerful elven duelist, and discovered the secrets of spelltheft as well. He also traveled on a ship and participated in a Kraken hunt, which is where he received his large harpoon and learned to use it.

After several years of this, he finally returned to the mountains of his youth and after a long search, tracked his tribe down. He came upon them in the middle of an attack on the tribe by giants, and with his help, the giants were routed. However, immediately afterward, he challenged his former chieftain, and beat him easily, almost killing him in the bargain. His first act as new chieftain was to proclaim the entire tribe exiles. A decade of pent-up frustration was released as he declared that while they had left him behind for his weakness, they had been the ones that were truly weak. Alone, he had surpassed all the rest of them, and now that he returned, only he was fit to be chief, and only he was fit to be a member of the Kaleniakunani. “Find a new tribe to drag down, or create your own new pathetic tribe, but never again will you call yourselves Kaleniakunani.” With that, he again returned to civilization, the last and only member of his tribe.

Iliaku Skinburner Lithuanu

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